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“Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.”  ― Charles Dickens.

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Dear Reader,

You could be at the point where you truly, truly wish to achieve your dreams, but think that if you don’t bring a change soon, then you may be missing out on an amazing opportunity to have the life you wish and deserve.

let me ask you some questions…

·      Do you feel that you are drowning in the stuff that you have to do?

·      Do you feel that you never have enough time and you’ll never be able to complete on time?

·      Do you ever get that feeling that if you could stop procrastinating and fix your work schedule, your life would be much better than it is now?

·      Did you try to be more efficient in the past but fell back to old habits that die hard?


If you completely agree with any of these questions, then indeed, my help has reached you just in time.

Procrastination is caused by several things. It may be due to confusion and fear. It could also be caused by lack of planning, proper analysis, control of the situation and prioritizing. Some procrastinate just because they are depressed, fatigued or uncertain of their capabilities. It can make you stressed, unproductive and often times guilty of the things you failed to do. But most importantly, it can cause everyone around you to dismiss you as obstructive and uncooperative to the group’s progress. It now affects your social relations as well.

 Procrastination is a huge problem. So don’t let it be yours!

Just imagine what your life would be after getting rid of procrastination!

  • Always complete your responsibilities and tasks in a timely manner
  • No more tension from not finishing things on time
  • Better relationship with co-workers, friends and family
  • A joyful life brought by a more productive and positive outlook on things
  • A more simplified and organized approach to handling the most difficult tasks
  • Excess energy for even the most challenging responsibilities
  • Being able to find enough time for HAVING FUN with friends and family!
  • Being able to give a significant amount of time for your endeavors without even cutting out other essential parts of your life, like taking care of your family and your passions in life.
  • Making good progress in each goal that you have!

Well, here is how you can ultimately beat procrastination – and start living!

I’d like to introduce the exclusive and new:

How To Kill Procrastination Instantly:  Transform Your Life Into Optimal Success In 7 Days”


This eBook covers each and everything you wish to know in order to stop procrastination and get much more accomplished in the coming year than you have in the last two to five years.

Sounds good, am I right?

These strategies are proven and time-tested to work. It is, however, the 1st time that they are available on the web as an easy and fast download. You will learn:

·      The real way to hold procrastination firmly by the horns so you can grasp completely how huge a problem it is in your life

·      How to identify the beliefs and habits that lead to even more procrastination

·      How to make the perfect environment that will let you to be relaxed and 100% more productive than ever before

·      How to increase your natural talent at focusing entirely on something while you are working on it

·      How to make your unique way of accomplishing works based on their scope, size, benefits and difficulty

·      And much more!

Consider this is just a wakeup call – wakeup call that will bring only the happiness and best advantages of life to your doorstep. This is the solution and wakeup call that you have been waiting for.

Trust me on this one: you wouldn’t wish to spend another day procrastinating simply because this habit has a tendency to attract only the worst results imaginable. Procrastination is not simply about being late or being lazy… It’s actually closer to giving up on the best things in life.

“What about other courses and eBooks on how to kill procrastination? What makes yours better?”


Great question! You may have had the real experience of going to numerous seminars over the years, and regularly paying massive money. Did you feel great about yourself? Just like you could do anything and everything?

But shortly after, you began slipping back into the same habit of procrastination, never truly breaking the pattern. Don’t be sad, you aren’t alone. Over 84% of people fail to take action when an opportunity is given to them!

The eBook is based on psychologically endorsed methods. This is not simply somebody’s unexamined views and opinion. In short: it’s credible.

 After all, would you like to take advice from someone who is not even qualified?

 All the courses and programs make it quite complex – and they all seem to miss the real basics. They fluff things up to draw out the content and hours, but always leave you underwhelmed. Many are good, and I really support the material others present, but they don’t draw their attention to the simple basics and fundamentals. This amazing eBook filters out the not-so-valuable strategies, and leaves you with the real fundamentals that you’ll be able to implement very fast.


How much does it cost?

I would be completely confident selling this eBook for $37. A thousand dollars would be nothing compared to what you would receive in return: the real ability to set your goals and achieve them!

Compared to the money people waste on wealth building programs, personal development seminars, gym memberships or whatever else… the amazing value you would receive from this book would easily be worth that price…

But I also realize it would be a “hard decision” to finally plop down a grand on a book designed to show you how to get things done…

It’s probably not a simple decision even at $37…

I also understand that a lot of students wish to learn how to unleash them from the procrastination, so I’ve decided to make this book affordable to everyone…

So I am offering this eBook for only $9.75

$9.75 is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you could make by using this eBook. You’d spend that much on a nice dinner, and with this, you will find-out the tools behind killing procrastination, and the real secret to getting more done.

For less than the price of a meal, people have turned their beautiful lives around from procrastinating constantly, to taking the action to achieve their goals. Procrastination is the 1 thing that robs us all of the success and happiness.

I understand that you have been suffering from procrastination. Know that the working solution to your problems is right here. All it takes is for you to take the 1st step.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone”

― Pablo Picasso

Finally, I wish you great success. Please don’t forget to email me with your success story once you have put “How To Kill Procrastination Instantly: Transform Your Life Into Optimal Success In 7 Days” into practice.

To Your New Success,

Harry Agyeman.

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Ashleigh Faggard

This is a great read: fast, honest, and helpful. It's worth the time because it helps shape your life to help you become more effective and efficient with your daily activities and goals. It approaches an everyday problem in a manner that encourages a positive lifestyle change. The affliction of procrastination is a big problem in today's society, and this book helps to inspire the reader to achieve their goals.

Ashleigh Faggard , Appalachian State University
Staff Sergeant Geoff Byrd

As someone who leads, grooms and motivates, I am always willing and looking for advice from whomever can help me meld my troops. I have learned through experience to keep an open mind and to be flexible. Whether it be, inside of Iraq, Spain or Japan, no matter where I go, it is essential to evolve. I have to learn and grow. Reading this eBook, has been a part of my own growth to develop the building of my troops. It is such a valuable tool, in leadership, mentor-ship and developing a bond of the future.

Staff Sergeant Geoff Byrd, United States Air Force
Andrew Nelson-Redondo

I encourage everyone to read “HOW TO KILL PROCRASTINATION INSTANTLY”. This is definitely a great tool for those learning how to better themselves from not procrastinating in their daily lives whether it’s in school or work. The information here is very valuable and fun to read! Additionally, the questions asked make you realize a lot about yourself even if you are the type of person who denies they don’t procrastinate will see they in fact do, like me who will admit does on occasion. Go read this you’ll be happy you did.

Andrew Nelson-Redondo, Graphic Designer
Daniel Barnes

This eBook contains priceless information that’s doomed to elevate you to possibilities. It is very empowering for people with the desire to excel in what they do whether is sports, or school work. Harry is a young entrepreneur with the desire to succeed in what he does so he knows and understands the importance of beating procrastination. I will recommend this eBook to anyone who is willing to make a change in their life.

Daniel Barnes, Verisk Insurance Solution
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